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What is Thyroid Management Therapy?

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What is the primary goal of thyroid management therapy?

Reversal of symptoms: plain and simple.

What are the common medications used in thyroid management?

We primarily use Desiccated Thyroid (combination of T3 and T4), we also use Synthroid (T4) and Synthroid (T4) with Cytomel (T3) and compounded thyroid combinations.

How is the thyroid function assessed during therapy?

Our main assessment strategy is symptom review in addition to lab monitoring of 4 thyroid indicators (TSH, T3, T4, Anti-TPO).

What lifestyle changes can support thyroid management therapy?

Making healthy lifestyle choices can contribute to overall thyroid health, eating well (no gluten/no dairy); regular exercise, sleeping well.

How often should individuals undergoing therapy have follow-up appointment?

Blood work and symptom analysis are completed at the first appointment, at the 3-month appointment, every year and as needed.