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How will I know if I need testosterone replacement therapy?

We will assess your symptoms and perform blood tests to measure your testosterone levels. If your levels are found to be low and you're experiencing these symptoms, we will discuss the potential benefits and risks of testosterone therapy with you.

Will I notice the benefits of therapy right away?

The benefits of testosterone therapy may not be immediate. It typically takes some time for your body to adjust and for you to feel the full effects. Many patients start to notice improvements in energy, mood, and other symptoms within a few weeks to a few months of starting therapy, but it's important to stay patient and adhere to your treatment plan as benefits can continue to develop over time. We will monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your therapy.

How is testosterone therapy administered?

Testosterone therapy can be administered in several ways. We primarily prescribe a cream that is applied once a day for women and twice a day for men. It can also be given as injections, gels, patches, or even pellets inserted under the skin. We will explain how to use the chosen method effectively.

How often will I have to have follow-up if I start testosterone replacement therapy?

The frequency of follow-up appointments when you start testosterone replacement therapy will depend on your individual needs and how your body response to the treatment. Typically, we schedule at short touch-point call at one month and comprehensive review at 3 months including labs. During these visits, we will monitor your progress, assess any potential side effects, and make any necessary adjustments to your therapy. It's important to attend these appointments as scheduled to ensure the therapy is safe and effective for you.

If I start therapy, will I always need to be on it?

Whether you'll need to continue testosterone replacement therapy long-term depends on your individual situation. If there's an underlying condition causing low testosterone that improves over time, you may not need therapy indefinitely. We will discuss the best approach for your specific needs, and together, you'll make informed decisions about the duration of your treatment.